We Now Offer Pool Cleaning Services

Leave the care and condition of your pool up to the professionals at White’s Pools, Inc. Have your pool in prime operating condition for the start of the next pool season without the hassle of doing it yourself! What are the benefits of having us take care of your pool?
Pool Maintanence Services

  • Your water will stay balanced keeping your plaster from breaking down, extending the life of your equipment, preventing the build up of calcium deposits, and the growth of algae.
  • Problems that may arise from normal wear and tear of the equipment will be caught quickly.
  • Your pool will stay clean and safe for swimming.

And most importantly – You don’t have to do the work!

Services Include:
  •     Vacuum Pool
  •     Clean Tile
  •     Brush Walls
  •     Check Equipment
  •     Balance Water

*We do NOT service vinyl liner or fiberglass pool*

Service Prices
4 Times A Month $280.00
2 Times A Month $160.00
Once A Month $85.00
One Time Service $100.00
Prices may vary according to the size of the pool