Tired of the same thing every year?  Here at White’s Pools, we have heard the outcry from bored and frustrated customers and now is the time for innovative change! Although the year is no longer new, we wanted to inform the public about some new and exciting things moving into this recreational industry.

Stain and scale, never a good way to begin anything let alone a sentence! But no fear, we now have a safe solution that will prevent and even eliminate some of the white build-up along pools:  The Impulse 3000!   What better way to prevent the unsightly spread of calcium deposits than to break down the substance before it enters the pool?  The Impulse 3000 does exactly that!  Built right into your pool equipment, it sends a low impulse that breaks down the calcium element before it has a chance to attach itself to your pool without the use of harmful chemicals.  In addition, if the Impulse 3000 is installed before your salt-chlorine generator, it helps to clean your cell!  By eliminating “hard water,” it allows the swimmer to enjoy the softer side of being a pool owner!

            But being a pool owner means more than just a few laps and swimming activities; it means you need more money!  White’s Pools, Inc. supports a variety of chemical lines that will suite every customer!  When you shop, compare containers, ingredients, and weight because stores now are selling smaller packages for the same price.

            The final disappointment happens at the beginning of every pool season:  openings!  What can you say about opening a pool?  After a long winter, the cover is wet and enveloped with leaves, the equipment is dull and slow to start-up, and the water is…questionable to say the least.  But why do it yourself?  Allow White’s Pools, Inc. to open up your pool and get it running and ready for the season.  In fact, White’s Pools, Inc. now has a cleaning service that will allow you to enjoy your pool without ever having to clean it!  Now that’s an American dream!  We will take care of the water and equipment all year long leaving you with only the satisfaction of a pristine pool!

            So feel free to visit us off of 81 South in Crowe Village just past the Oasis Church where you can learn more about all of the products and services mentioned!  Or you can visit our website at www.WhitesPools.com and view some of our pools and have a blessed month!