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The most valuable advice young Spider-Man got from his Uncle, Ben Parker, was “with great power comes great responsibility”.

Should he have changed the term “power” to “pool”, uncle Ben would’ve been just as wise. Owning a pool is costly and demanding. The water needs to be kept clean in order for the pool to be functional and not to cause decay. All sorts of chemicals or covers are required to keep your pool ready for a dip at any time, and the maintenance needs to be done on a regular basis.

Besides keeping up with the maintenance routine, it is very important to choose the chemicals and other pool supplies carefully. There are many products and retailers on the market, but you don’t have time to waste looking for the right ones. You need one trustworthy company that has you covered entirely, when it comes to pool supplies. Meet White’s Pools.

Pool Supplies In Atlanta

Every morning, you want to wake up at the sight of a clean, transparent turquoise water off which the beaming sun rays glitter. For this to happen, you also have to own a few important pool accessories and supplies, each serving a role in keeping the pool appealing.

Pool owners in Atlanta should possess chemicals such as chlorine, sanitizers, water balancers, and algae control. Chlorine kills germs while algae control prevents algae from forming in the water. With these chemicals, your water could not be any cleaner.

Supplies such as pumps, filters, automatic pool cleaners, and heating and cooling are what keeps a pool alive. You won’t always be swimming, but the water has to always be dip-ready for you and your close ones. By using these supplies, you maintain a constant temperature, a constant amount of water, and a constant level of cleanliness.

Other supplies such as lighting and covers are equally important. Sometimes it is more relaxing to go for a night swim, so you need to ensure the lighting supplies function well and give your pool the glow it was designed to have. Covers protect your water from different temperatures and unwanted objects landing in your pool (this is where a leaf-net cover comes in handy). Winter covers keep your pool at a reasonable temperature throughout the winter so you won’t have to empty your pockets from pool heating bills. Safety covers are good if you have little kids that may face the danger of falling in the pool when unattended. Solar covers minimize evaporation and heat loss, so you can save up to 70% in pool heating.

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About Our Pool Supply Options

White’s Pools have various supply options that are sure to meet your every need. We are supplied by the top brands in the field to make sure you don’t spend your hard-earned cash on supplies that won’t last as much as they should.

Not every pool owner is an expert in pool supplies, that’s why our expert technicians would love to help out! If you need assistance or have inquiries about the exact supplies that would help improve and maintain your pool, our team has a vast knowledge that they would love to share with you, so that your expenses are focused, effective, and kept to a minimum.

If you already know what you are looking for, our website offers a wide variety of pool supplies for you to choose from. Our team members have up to 35 years of experience in pool building, so you can rest assured that our supply options have been tested for wear & tear throughout the years.

Our in-house team of designers and constructors are at your disposal at all times, if you have any questions or concerns regarding any of our products. Whether you are building your first pool and need some expert advice, or whether you are just looking to secure a pool supply partner that you can always count on, White’s Pools is the best choice. So call us today at (770) 466-2376.


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Setting a budget aside for your pool supplies will help you manage your finances. By knowing what it is you need exactly and how often you will have to change certain parts and supplies, you can count those expenses as utilities. At White’s Pools, we can offer you a pool supply quote, based on what you need and what we can offer.