Pool Construction


Pool Construction

pool construction

Constructing swimming pools could be stressful for a family. So, we are here to help & ease the process. When you are hiring a construction company in Atlanta, GA for building your pool, here is the list of things you can expect:

The Pool Installation Site

Prior to excavation, one of our representatives will examine your new swimming pool or spa area. The layout will be decided on the basis of your custom design and only after it gets approved. The estimated cost will be based on the type of pool you wish to have. For example – a rock, lap and gunite pool or something else.


It is the foremost step of swimming pool construction. Most of the projects take around one working day to complete the excavation and remove soil from the yard. In case you wish to keep some soil for other areas in your yard, you need to tell us prior to excavation.


We will use state-of-the-art equipment to clean and purify the pool water.


The pool builders will place steel-reinforcing rods inside the excavated are, along the bottom, up the sides, into the beam, and around skimmers. These rods will add to the strength and also longer life of your pool shell


Detailed inspections are performed by county officials at different stages of pool construction. We will inform you once the inspections are done.

Pool Shell

We will apply a concrete mixture under great pressure around the steel reinforcing rods, so as to bond them tightly. This will give superior strength to the pool.


We will get licensed electricians to look into your main electric service and connect the filtration & lighting system


Installation of tiles is done while considering the waterline of the interior of the pool. We will give you many options to choose from, as tiles come in a variety of colors and designs.


The craftsman will install the coping also called the lip of your pool around its perimeter. You can choose between stone or safety-grip brick

The deck surrounding the pool can be made of stone, grass, brick, concrete, or any other suited material. It is the final stage before we apply the pebble or plaster interior and fill the pool.

Pebble or Plaster Interior

We will install your choice of pebbled or plastered interior and cover the shell.

Gas Line

We will install gas lines, if your pool has a gas-fueled heater.

Pool Start-up

Water will be filled in the swimming pool from your garden hose or any other source. Once the pool is filled, we will show you how to start up the equipment and what chemicals should be added to keep the water clean. You can ask all the questions related to maintenance of the pool.

We have worked on several pool construction projects in Atlanta. Please check them out at our Construction Gallery to get a glimpse of how good we are at pool construction.

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