COVID-19, A Message to Our Customers

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we at White’s Pools, Inc are taking every precaution necessary to both serve our community and do our part to flatten the curve. It is also important that homeowners continue to service their pools according to the World Health Organization in an effort to control water quality to prevent the transmission of infectious disease. Without proper pool and hot tub maintenance, various pathogens can grow, such as Pseudomonas, Cryptosporidium, E Coli, Shigella, etc. It can also create a breeding ground for mosquitos, other pests and the diseases they may carry, which presents a risk not only to bathers but to the entire community at large.Even if neglected for a short period of time, harmful damage could be done to your pool which could result in decreased longevity and destructive overall pool health, costing you time and money down the road.

How are we combating these issues? At White’s Pools, Inc, we are continually sanitizing our store and enacting a 6 foot barrier to protect both the customer and our employees. In addition, if you are not comfortable having your water tested in the store and would like to have chemicals DELIVERED to your home, we are now offering a delivery service. Simply call in your order, pay over the phone, and we will schedule a time to have your chemicals dropped off AT YOUR DOOR. No contact.

Finally, we still offer full service pool maintenance. Our technicians will come, test your water, add any needed chemicals, brush, vacuum, and blow off your deck. This service is only available to in-ground, concrete pools only. If you are interested, please call our store and we can add you to the schedule. Once again, no contact needed.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone at this time! Please remember, we are a family business! Our team is a part of the Walton County and Greater Atlanta community and it is our greatest honor to serve here!”

Also, we are going to run a promotion. FREE Aqua Plus Salt System (a $3,150 value) if you sign a contract for new construction between March 25, 2020 to April 30, 2020

Thank you,
The Team @ White’s Pools