The 4 Step Guide on Finding Athens Swimming Pool Installers Near Your Home

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As winter fades into the background and spring takes hold, the environment is showing many signs of change—wildflowers are blooming, songbirds are twittering, and, perhaps most reliably, temperatures are rising. As the thermometer climbs from 60 up to 70 and pushes on 80 and 90, jeans and jackets are exchanged for shorts and bathing suits. With the school year winding down and summer barbecues looming on the horizon, there’s no better time to consider installing your Athens swimming pools.

There’s one big step between you and the pool of your dreams, however: installation. Finding the perfect in-ground pool installation company may seem overwhelming, but these four major steps can help the vetting process of selecting pool builders in Athens, GA:

How do I pick the most trustworthy Athens Swimming Pool Company?

A trustworthy company is comprised of professional builders that work with the specific needs of each client to create a personalized experience with the best possible results. A trustworthy company should have clear communication—they should reply quickly to emails and missed calls, and be open to as much consultation and discussion as a client needs. A pricing estimate should be clear to understand and any questions should be readily answered. All licenses and insurance policies should be easily available if asked for without any avoidance.

A pro tip is to ask what products will be used for the pool installation, then check the reputability of the products based on reviews online; they’ll serve as good indicators of the trustworthiness of the company itself. A great question to ask a contractor is “in the last year, how many pools did you install? Could I see a reference list from those people?” If the contractor only provides half as many references as the numbers of pools in Athens, GA he installed, this can be indicative of a 50% satisfaction rate.

What’s the quality of their previous work?

Customer reviews are one of the most reliable indicators of a good contractor. As a rule of thumb, a company should have about 3 good reviews for every 1 bad or questionable review. Don’t be shy to contact these people to ask more about their experience! If the company provided a great experience, a vast majority of people will jump at the chance to recommend them to you. Ask them both standard questions (how was the process overall? Were there any hidden fees?) and more difficult questions (what’s one thing you could change about your experience with this company?). Previous works completed by White’s Pools can be found on our “gallery” page, and a list of references can readily be sent to you.

How established is the company?

Nationally, around 43% of contractors will go out of business within the first three years of their operation. The best, most reliable companies are well established in the area. Be sure not to confuse how established a company is with how large it is—some of the best companies are the smallest, and only take on a small number of projects per year. The same goes for internet presence; while a strong website may be a good indicator of a committed company, a small or nonexistent social media presence of a basic website doesn’t necessarily mean the company is unreliable. At White’s Pools, for example, we have been in business for 3 generations, with contractors compiling experience on a variety of methods and techniques and passing it down to the next generation.

How will the company keep helping after installation?

All good pool installation companies should maintain a strong relationship with clients after installation. At White’s Pools, we highly value the relationships maintained after pool installation is complete and will maintain and service pools after the job is done.

Generally, warranties for the installation should be offered past the standard (and required) one-year warranty. Feel free to ask questions about the post-installation process and warranty coverage; if something comes up, like a leak or crack, what’s the process of repair? Who pays for the repair? What all is covered under the warranty? These are all important queries you should ask, and you should receive clear responses to all questions regarding the warranty coverage.

Practice checking off your list of steps by contacting White’s Pools company and our references today!