Finding a Swimming Pool Builder in Atlanta

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There are many factors that homeowners need to consider when looking for a swimming pool builder. What is the quality of work like? Are they established? Will the relationship be over after the swimming pool if finished?

There are qualities every contractor should provide as a minimum, including: an easy to read estimate, contractor interaction, and a clean job site. Having an estimate done may feel overwhelming. Are there hidden costs? Am I missing options? What is considered standard in my estimate?

At White’s Pools, there are no hidden costs, all options are laid out and our standard options are clearly stated. There should also be a relationship between the contractor and the homeowner. This allows the homeowner the ability to voice concerns or even make changes to the original design . At White’s Pools we strive to make ourselves available and to maintain open communication with customers. Finally, every construction site should be clean. Workers should maintain all construction areas and clean up after themselves. This is our priority for every construction site.

When looking at a swimming pool builder it is important to find a contractor that is established. If they have been in business for less than 3 years you will need to consider the experience they may be lacking. Expertise is imperative! Issues arise in every site; however, it is the contractors expertise that will either work with the issue or allow it to overcome the final outcome. After 3 generations in the swimming pool industry, we have the knowledge and experience to work with every potential “set back”.

Finally, a lasting relationship is important. Your contractor should be available after the swimming pool has been built. White’s Pools offers a brick and mortar store to purchase chemicals and unique toys and floats. We are also available for weekly, biweekly, or monthly maintenance to help keep your pool clean.

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