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A personal oasis in Madison, GA doesn’t come better than having a pristine, beautifully crafted pool. Whether for leisurely swims, hosting summer parties, or simply elevating the aesthetics of your backyard, a custom pool serves as a multifaceted luxury. And when it comes to creating this luxury, Open Water Pools is your go-to expert.

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The Evolution of Backyard Pools

Backyards have transformed over the decades, evolving from simple lawns to luxurious extensions of our homes. In this evolution, pools have played a central role, transitioning from basic rectangular designs to intricate, custom-tailored masterpieces that mirror the owner’s personality.

Benefits of Custom Pools

  1. Bespoke Designs: Each family is unique, and so should be their pool. Custom pools offer a design that’s a true reflection of your preferences and lifestyle.
  2. Real Estate Uplift: A tailor-made pool isn’t just a recreational spot; it’s an investment, often enhancing the market value of your property.
  3. The Personal Resort: Why head to a resort when you can replicate the same luxury in your backyard? A custom pool can give you that exclusive resort-like feel.

Why Madison Residents Trust Open Water Pools

Choosing a pool builder is more than just a business transaction; it's forging a partnership for a major home improvement project. Here's why we are Madison's preferred choice:

  • Veterans of Pool Crafting: Our impressive 50+ combined years of experience ensures that we understand pools like no other.
  • An Enviable Track Record: With 150+ projects under our belt, each pool stands as a testament to our meticulous approach.
  • Harmony of Quality and Affordability: Quality remains our north star. But that doesn’t mean breaking the bank. We offer premium services that are pocket-friendly.
  • Customer First, Always: Our client-centric philosophy ensures we go the extra mile to exceed expectations.
  • Unparalleled Design Flexibility: Be it a minimalist lap pool, a sprawling lagoon, or a modern infinity pool, our portfolio offers diverse designs, ensuring something for every taste.
  • Beyond Building: Our commitment doesn’t end with construction. We offer a limited lifetime guarantee, reinforcing our trust in what we deliver.
  • Family Values at the Core: Being a family-run venture, every project is personal. It's more than business; it's about upholding our family’s legacy of excellence.

Understanding the Anatomy of a Perfect Pool

A pool is more than water contained within walls. It's a complex structure, harmonizing various elements:

  1. Design & Architecture: This is where dreams take a tangible form. Based on space, preferences, and budget, our design team sketches your dream into feasible blueprints.
  2. Structural Integrity: Excavation, rebar, and gunite application ensure the pool's foundation and structure are robust, promising longevity.
  3. Utilities Integration: Seamless plumbing and electrical installations make the pool functional, ensuring clean water and appropriate lighting.
  4. Aesthetic Brilliance: With the right tile, coping, masonry, and decking, the pool transforms from a mere structure to an aesthetic marvel.
  5. Finishing Touches: Plastering gives the pool its final look, ensuring it's smooth, appealing, and ready for that inaugural splash.

Aftercare & Maintenance

A pool is a joy forever, only if maintained well. At Open Water Pools, we ensure our clients are well-equipped with the knowledge to maintain their pools. From offering guidance on regular upkeep to providing renovation services when needed, we ensure every pool crafted by us remains in its prime.

With Open Water Pools, Madison residents get more than a pool; they embark on a journey of crafting dreams, ensuring their backyard isn't just an outdoor space but an extension of their lifestyle and taste. When you choose us, you're not just getting a pool builder; you're gaining a partner dedicated to realizing your vision.

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