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Technology changes every 15 seconds in the business world. New innovations make just marketed products out-of-date. For the pool industry, this is no different. Constant changes in water chemistry, pool cleaning, and outdoor entertainment takes the pool business to a new level every few months. At White’s Pools, Inc. we give new technology to our customers to make owning a pool easier.

The hassle of balancing water has most pool owners frustrated and broke. Leaving the pool store with less than $50 in supplies is surprising for most customers; however, new chlorine substitutes have cut water maintenance and cost in half. The product: Chlorine Generating Salt Systems. New inline salt chlorinators have taken the place of chlorine tabs and shock over the last few years and it is unquestionable why. Systems like AquaLogic, AquaRite, and other Goldline products are the most up-to-date systems available to the market. These systems are designed to sustain chemical levels in the pool during even the harshest weather and playing conditions. During the summer, heat evaporation and kids splashing takes the chemicals you just put into the pool right out; however, a salt system will help to maintain the balance of your water even longer. The PS4 Aqualogic Salt System takes it even further with a hand-held remote allowing the home owner to adjust salt levels and to super-chlorinate the pool without ever walking outside. Want something a little less “techie?” Hayward is releasing a product next season that can be plugged into a simple electrical outlet and instantly turn your pool into a salt chlorine pool. Easy installment and easy maintenance! This new technology is available at White’s Pools, Inc.

Cleaning, nobody’s favorite word especially in the heat of the summer; however, new cleaning technology allows pool owners to forget about the hassle. An in-floor cleaning system installed in a new shotcrete pool takes the hassle out of vacuuming your pool. Instead, small heads pop-up from the bottom and clear the debris left in the water. If you already have a pool, cleaning systems such as Polaris products are the best quality available on the market. These cleaning systems sweep the bottom, sides, and steps of the pool clearing out the dirt, debris, and even small toys out of your pool. Polaris products also come in the BlackMax series that allows it to blend into dark colored pools. Other products available include Pool & Spa Buster Max, a hose less vacuum to further help pool owners. The Pool & Spa Buster Max allows pool owners to vacuum the pool without the complication and hassle of a hose. Instead, the owner simply charges the unit and when it’s time for cleaning, merely unplugs the unit and vacuums. In addition, the flexible head can be used to clean cut corners and even fiberglass spas. The hassle of cleaning and taking care of your pool is becoming a thing of the past!

New technology offered in the pool business does not only apply to taking care of your pool. Now, technology makes relaxing by the pool even more enjoyable. Lying out by the water at night under a lighted umbrella with the sound of a waterfall and music in the distance; relaxing just got even easier. Angle adjusting umbrellas decorated in lights adds beauty to any patio set and comes in a variety of colors. Waterfalls can be added to any pool new or old. Floating fountains are simple to assemble and beautiful to look at. In addition, both items listed are cost effective and sold exclusively at White’s Pools, Inc.! The newest in music technology has just been released to the public: LiteSounds. This product incorporates lighting and wireless fm radio at an affordable price. Advertised as “Light you can hear, Sound you can see,” this product hides the speakers but adds beauty to your pool landscaping. Beauty and technology have merged into one affordable price at White’s Pools, Inc.!

Maintenance, cleaning, and enjoyment are all affected by technology. However, as the old cliché goes, “Here today and gone tomorrow,” technology is always changing. At White’s Pools, Inc. we understand how technology benefits families and communities, that is why we stand behind our slogan “Guided by ethics, Driven by quality.” The quality of our products and service never change!

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