How to Winterize Your Salt-Water Pool

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-Make sure that the water is balanced.

-When you see that the water temp is staying between 50-55 degrees, you can turn the chlorinator to 0, it will not be producing chlorine anyway, your T-cell has a life expectancy on it, or even better if you can substitute a piece of piping in it’s place and unplug it and bring it inside.

-Make sure that your auto fill is either unhooked or insulated, this doesn’t have a continuous water flow and may freeze.

-Put a chlorine tab in the skimmer basket the furthest from the pump.

-Add a bottle of a very good algae treatment.

-You can turn the pump down to run app 4-5 hours a day, rule of thumb is for every 10 degrees run the pump 1 hour.

-This pool is equipped with freeze protection, so if the air temperature drops below 32 degrees the pump will automatically come on, insuring that you don’t have frozen pipes. You will need to unhook your auto-fill it can freeze, depending on where your water line is run.

-You will have to check your skimmer basket and pump basket occasionally to insure no debris stopping the water flow, as well as off the sides and bottom of the pool, it can cause staining and algae.

In case of power outage and/if your freeze protection isn’t working DRAIN the pump and DRAIN the filter, if possible blow out the lines and plug all water ports.**