Pool Builder in Bethlehem, GA

Here at White’s Pools, we like to think that we are the best pool builders barrow county has. This is because we offer a wide range of services that can make sure you have a pool you love. However, our work does not stop there. We also build custom pools, outdoor fireplaces, and we can make sure your new pool looks as good as you imagine.
Many people would like to have a pool in their yard, however, they can seem very expensive. Do not worry, we can work with your budget and the size of your yard to make sure you are perfectly happy with your new pool. We can come to a time that is convenient to you and build a pool that you know looks good and is great to use. Please contact us today at 770-466-2376 for a free pool design consultation.

About Our Pool Building Services

Our pool building services are second to none. We pride ourselves on offering the best service in Barrow County. When you contact us, we will discuss the following things with you:

The type of pool you want – Would you like a large or small pool? Are you looking for a long, thin pool or an infinity pool? We need this information so we can offer you the right type of pool. We understand that no two customers want the same thing. This is why we will ask you a range of questions.

Your budget – Your budget can have a huge impact on the type of swimming pool that we build for you. Whether your budget is large or small, we can work with you to make sure you end up with a pool you love. Please note, there are pool finance options available should you need them

The size of your yard – The size of your yard could dictate how big your pool is. Your new pool can fill a lot of your yard or just a corner of it. Whether you have a large or small yard, we can help you. All we need to do is ensure that the pool is built safely and it poses no danger to your home or other properties. Let us work with our design team to make sure your new pool is safe and everything you want.

Whether you want a custom fireplace – We build custom fireplaces that can make a real difference to your yard. Imagine spending a day in or by the pool and the evening by your new fireplace. It’s simply magical and something that is worth considering.

Whether you want a custom waterfall – We also offer custom waterfalls that add something special to your new pool. Please ask us about our custom waterfalls if you think this is something you would love. We will be more than happy to discuss your options with you.

If you would like one of our traditional pools – Here at White’s Pools, we can offer you some of our traditional pools that many people love. We have a range of different pools to offer you, so please feel free to ask us about them.

If you would like a custom-built pool – Would you like your new pool to be even more special? We can offer you a custom-built pool that will make your neighbors green with envy. Ask us about our custom-built pools today


Areas We Serve In Barrow County

Pool Builders Bethlehem GA

We serve the following Barrow County areas:

  • Auburn
  • Bethlehem
  • Braselton
  • Carl
  • Statham
  • Winder

If you’re not sure whether we serve your area, please contact us. We will be more than happy to answer your questions. We are here to help you and ensure your yard is home to a pool that you love.

Contact Us Today For A Free Pool Design Consultation

We are the best pool builders barrow county has, or at least we like to think so. We can offer you so much more than other pool builders in the area. If you would like us to build a new pool in your yard, please contact us today. Did you know that we also work with existing pools? We can make your old pool look as good as new again.

We’re happy to do this because it means you can have a pool that you’re happy with. Please contact us today at 770-466-2376 for a free pool design consultation. We’re a friendly team and we want your new pool to look as good as possible.